Storehouse Project

We envision a united community, coming together as one under God. Our goal is to build storehouses in Ghana, providing access to food for communities in need. Our aim is to ease the burden of hunger and nourish empty stomachs. Our primary focus is addressing malnutrition in children, a prevalent issue globally.

About the project

Starting point

We plan to establish the storehouses in areas where they are most needed. The storehouses will be stocked with a plentiful supply of food, distributed monthly by community leaders to those in need.

Support from local communities

This project requires the support of a whole community. Every donation, no matter how small, will bring us closer to achieving our goal of working out of the storehouse.

End result

When we all contribute to the storehouse, we can alleviate the worries of an individual, a family, or a child. We aim to bring hope to those who have lost it, strength to those who are weak, and fill the stomachs of those who are hungry.

“Together, we can make a difference.”

– Kingdom Preneurs Mission