Kingdom Preneurs Mission is a non-profit organization helping to feed communities & empower the weak



At the heart of our calling lies prayerful dependence on Almighty God. Just as Jesus instructed His disciples to pray fervently, we continually lean on prayerful communion with God.

In conclusion, as stewards of God's reign, we faithfully fulfill our duty. Understanding our roles, embracing unity, and relying on Almighty Providence form the foundational pillars of our endeavor. Consequently, with resolute hearts aligned with heaven's design, let us advance unitedly forward, unwavering in our conviction that God's abiding presence journeys alongside us along this hallowed path.

Unity is indispensable for effective laborers. Jesus prayed for believers to achieve complete unity. True unity celebrates diversity while harmonizing efforts toward a common goal.

Moreover, unity extends far beyond our circles; it requires collaboration. Together, unified in vision and spirit, we magnify our impact exponentially.

As citizens of God's kingdom, we hold a sacred mission to fulfill. In Luke 10:2, the scripture reminds us, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few," emphasizing our role in advancing God’s kingdom on earth.


Embracing our identity as laborers entails actively spreading God's transformative message. Firstly, we're commissioned as ambassadors, vessels through which His love flows. Secondly, we share the life-changing gospel, cultivating genuine relationships founded on faith.

Our team

Lashanda Lee

When I give to the needy I feel fulfilled to know that I have done some good in this world, and I know God is pleased. That is what keeps me going.


Tiffany Ivey
Latanya Singleton
Mumeen Alidu

I'm excited to see smiles on the faces of families knowing they are not going to bed with little to no food. Being recipients of this wonderful blessing will help spread more love which is the very foundation of our shared faith.

Hello, I am so very excited to see the hand of God moving providing, and making a change in someone's life through the missionaries. I am going to love seeing many sighs of relief and love just overflowing. It is just going to be amazing I can't wait to bask in the smiles that I am going to see."

Hello I’m excited to see hope restored into the lives of God's people and to know that they are loved and not forgotten and I truly believe that this is only the beginning of something even greater God is doing in their lives and ours as well spread love is Gods way and it’s also an honor to be a part of what God is doing.




“We exercise unity to bring change to our community”

–Kingdom Preneurs Mission